Technical support

Involvement of the manufacturer in the early stages of your product’s design can maximize the resources you expend in development and transform your vision into reality more efficiently. With the perfect blend of technical knowledge, experience, and capabilities, GMN Plastics can provide design considerations and support for your varied project needs.

Material Selection for Plastics

Design for manufacturability

The need to expend resources sparingly and get your product to market faster has become more crucial than ever. Every step of the way, we are here to assist your designers to create a product that strikes a flawless synergy between aesthetics and functionality. Assessing designs for part manufacturability in the early phases of project planning promises a seamless transition from concept to creation.

What ultimately influences manufacturability and dictates the performance of any product is the interaction between numerous factors including material type, shape, and dimensions. The technical expertise of our engineers coupled with advanced software will help you identify and address various cosmetic and functional issues before production.

With reduced defects and fewer design modifications down the manufacturing road, you will benefit from accelerated production and huge cost savings.

Material selection

From commodity plasticsto engineering polymers, there is an enormous pool of plastic materials available today.As they all exhibit discrete physical, chemical, mechanical, and thermal properties, selecting the right material can be extremely daunting.Rest assured, the team at GMN Plastics will provide material recommendations based on years of industry experience and knowledge across varied industries. We work closely with our network of suppliers to connect our customers with the right resources to solve their exact problems.